Here you can find our most recent projects.

Dutch Defence

Dutch Defence is the embodiment of a modern lifestyle brand. Inspiring, and focused on its ambitious audience. Dutch Defence stands for being proud. For belonging to something.  Odeka Webdesign designed and built the website. 

Erasmus University Trust Fund

The Erasmus Trust Fund was founded to support research and education projects, organised by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) specifically. The fund hereby aims to contribute to the growth and flourishing of Erasmus University. Odeka Webdesign customised and rebuilt large sections of the website.


Bestbade is an international trading company with branches in Turkey, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The Dutch branch focuses on the distribution of high quality olive oil products throughout the Benelux. Odeka Webdesign designed and built the website.


Landelijk Contact van Museumconsulenten (LCM) is a collaboration between museum consultants througout the Netherlands. The goal of LCM is to support museums and improve quality and audience reach. Odeka Webdesign re-designed and built the website.